Video and Sound : Sound Project Reflection (w3)

Video and Sound ( week 3 ) - Sound Project Reflection

Our concept started from the initial idea that we would like to use an elevator as a space for our sound walk then followed up with our general understandings about the elevator that it is a space where people used as a temporary transportation service to get to another place.

Mostly when we stuck in space with strangers, we just tended to stay silent and the only sound we here is the sound in our own head. So, we discussed about what we were thinking about lately and our problems that we faced in general right now as an itp student then finally ended up with the concept of Mind walk.

What I like about the piece :

I like that the piece is actually the pure collective of our group members stories and relationship.
For example, Mingxi and I are a little younger than Dawn so we faced the problems that she had already experienced it before. Therefore she acted as a mentor for us by being supportive and cheering us up which is why we used he voices as a supportive sounds in our piece.

what I think we could me it better :

Our biggest problem is that we let the stories lead us out a little bit too far of our initial concept of the elevator space. We could think more about how to put the piece into fit in the initial concept or even how to apply the new concept that we have to a new space. For example, it might be more interesting if we just install speakers in the elevator and the sound just activate when people come in, or we could also put a small play into an elevator since I think reading the lines out loud in a tiny space might be also interesting.

Or we can finish our new story line better if we can just find a nice armchair/sofa and assign the listener to sit with some instruction to follow - which can be kinda meditation like take a deep breath or blah blahh.

what I learn from it :

Time management!. Even though we like the pure emotions of the piece that we got from our discussion but working with stories and keep it in control under the initial ideas is pretty hard. Also, we could think more about the time management in each process since we spent a lot of time on stories discussion so we have to go very rough with editing to meet the deadline.