Mounting Motors : Little Tree Automata

Mounting Motors : Little Tree Automata


Inspiration :

I have done the tiny walking automata for the laser cut project before so I would like to try to create another one with motor. Since I already know that automata will take a lot of time, just for adjusting little parts to make it works sometime take hours, I plan to go very simple this time and will use paper to be the finished objects.


Materials / Tools :




motor mount

shaft couplers

2mm rod

paper / cardboard

screws / screwdriver


cutter / cutter board


Process :

I didn’t order any materials online but went to Thinkersphere to get my motor mount and the shaft couplers. After got everything I need, I started by cut the wood into pieces as plan according to the size of toy motor that I choose to work with.

Then It time to assemble the wood parts to make the automata move. I didn’t want to do paper mock-up ( which I deeply regret later ) so I try to assemble all parts together roughly and make the marks for the hole that need to be punch later with pencil so I can erase and sand it off later easily.


After every parts was cut and the holes was punched, I sand all pieces and assemble it together with screws and nails. Realized that the toy motor speed is too much faster than I thought, I took the battery part off and back to hand method to finish working on the automata part that will pop the little plant out off the pot. Then draw and cut the paper for the finishing.


Conclusion :

I did a lot of mistakes by not planing well on this project. For example, I have to go to Thinkersphere for the second time because I bought the wrong size couplers ( and they do not do return there ), I plan to do the auto mata so it needs motor not the servo but I didn’t plan to adjust my motor speed before assemble so at the end I still have to use my hand to make the automata move anyway. I also learn that the rod will need a certain space to move otherwise the will stop turning and your automata will not move at all and the shaft couplers screws must be put in a specific place before use others wise it will just disappear because it very very small.

Planing is very important in very projects especially when you need to order it online. I tend to always overthinking about what I want do before order anything just for the sake of money saving. Anyway, after this fabrication class, now I learn that buying things before hand helps me think about the project easier and allow me to be a bit more playful with the my initial ideas.