Video and Sound : Soundwalk (w2)


Working in team with Dawn and Mingxi, we create the sound walk piece call ‘Mindwalk’

Concept :

The concept is mostly from our conversation that we had together from brainstorming the ideas.
For example, Mingxi mentioned that he is facing homesick and social media problems, Dawn couldn’t balance her time with work and study and me with depression. We think that our problems even though is pretty personal but somehow is also very common for everyone so we agree to use it for our storyline.

Process :

After agree with the concept we assigned each other to write down a story that related to our concerns/problems which turned out that Mingxi’s and Dawn’s writing is surprisingly kinda resonance to each others in a very calming way so we decided to use it as our lines in the piece.

After got the story line, we try to come up with sounds that fit with the story. Luckily we got some records of fountains and the pier that seems fit to the piece.

What I learn from this :

Since out concept is actually come from our personal conversation which is pretty hard to work around especially when we have to apply it as a soundwalk piece.