Video and Sound ( week7) : Earthman!

It’s final presentation but we’re not ready! :’(

we take a look together at the rough cut again and realized that our story line is very weak since the viewer have no idea who is this Earthman and why do we have to care about him. So we decided to add another layer of the news to the project which is more like breaking news that reported about Earthman and Plastic Girl breaking up.

Last minute decision to add Russel up as an breaking news anchor

Last minute decision to add Russel up as an breaking news anchor

This layer kinda summed up who the Earthman is and give a little conclusion for our idea for the project a little better. Anyway, it a very last minute idea so the cut is very very rough…….. =_=’

What I like about this project :

I kinda like the concept of the story at the beginning that we could mention about global warming though characters and their relationship even though it went a lot of plan. And I also like that we can use the composition of the video as a a mocking element that were trying to play with that actually became the main concept of Earthman’s 62 minutes interview.

What I think we could make it better :

Scritp!!!!! We should really have a fixed script for the character before shooting so we do not have to waste our time to cut and select through tons of footage that we shoot then we’ll have more time to develop the character and focus on editing.

What I learn from this :

Time management is still my nemesis! And I might need to learn to insist more on my idea that we should really have a script before shooting even though improvising is might be fit more with the 60 minutes interview concept.