Animation week 1 : Stop Motion

You’ve got meal!

I was working with Mark on this project and our project idea came from our conversation about how unhealthy we ate lately. And we finally came up with the storyboard about an imaginary world that you can send and receive packages of food via the screen just like the normal email.

Here’s my very rough sketch for the storyboard


After that we start shooting by set the scene to shoot in 2 places ; at the kitchen and the work table, so we can make the contrast between the sender and the receiver by the setting.

We also try to use some some details to help with the storyline by using pop up paper to help create the effect of the phone buzzing and create more inside story in the stopmotion by the written letter from mom.

Pop up card for you’ve got meal

Pop up card for you’ve got meal

“For your scurvy!” note from mom

“For your scurvy!” note from mom

Unfortunately because of our work load, we couldn’t manage to have so much time to do the work on post production and editing the video. Anyway, we decided to go very simple by just reversing the letter part that was pulled out from the phone and added the sound into the piece, which gave a much complete sense to the work. - Mark is pretty knowledgeable with sound so he select and edit the sound the fit with the length of our stop motion perfectly.

I also learnt from this project in the hard way that my indecisive and overthinking personality sometimes makes my project went too complicate without necessary ( since we wasted our all day on Saturday just came up with the ideas, started and went with it just half way, and then just changed my mind while Mark kept telling me to just commit to something and go along with it.

Anyway, here is my first stop motion! :D