ICM week 10 : Pixels Array Project

I was assigned to work wth Will for this project, which we came up with the idea of using letters to create and image. We like the concept of Magritt’s The Treachery of Images so we decided to create an images from the sentence “ This is not an image”.

We started by drawing the images with the array of letters [ thisisnotanimage ] and then fill the letter with the values of the color from the image.

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 1.51.25 PM.png

After that we want to try to reverse the process by get rid the image by typing the sentence. So we create the another class of the letter that we could put in to the another array and control it with keyTyped( ) which we set the it value into RED and kinda be able to use it as a switch.

Here is the code :


carbon (2).png
carbon (1).png