ICM W1 : How computation applies to your interests

How computation applies to my interests

I moved to New York a couple years ago to take care of my husband whom diagnosed with cancer. So, I can definitely say that my husband has a very huge influence on me to really care about computation and want to apply it more to my interests since he is the first person who teach me to code in the hospital while chemo ports and IV drips were still sticking on his skin. 

As a designer who have an architecture background, then shifted from architect fields to do illustrations and motion graphic for a political movements in Thailand and ended up be part of the activist group for human right against lese majeste law, I think applying computation to my interests will open my imagination and help me to create a new tool that I might be able to use to do somethings good to myself and maybe a little bit to this world either.

The projects that I interested in are mostly a mix between my backgrounds, so it’s a mixed of interactive architectural/space concept, story telling and political/social movements related.

Here is some of the projects I love and Inspires me :

Hansel and Gretel : Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Mouron and Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is famous for his ‘art as an activist” but I love this project especially because he was collaborated with one of my favorite architect firm to create an interactive space where you could learn about surveillance and how the authority invade our privacy, also lean the whole process by being a target yourself.

Voz Alta : Rafael Lozano-Hammer

Rafael Lozano-Hammer is an artist who use electronic parts as a tool for his story-telling. Even though he might be known more from his Pules projects but I love this piece the most because the way he chooses to tell the story of the project on the site is very subtle but powerful.

Into the Light : James Turrell

As an architect I’m always interested in how lighting can create a curtain feeling and moods for the space. And James Turrell is just the greatest artist whom concerned with light and space in the world. I actually cried while experiencing this piece since when entering the room I feel that I enter a boundless immense space like a vast empty heaven and it just brought up all of the memories about my late husband.

Drill at Park Avenue Armory : Hito Steyerl

Hito is an artist/film-maker/writer whom always open me to the new theory about the world and technology around me. This show has her video installations that explain a lot of her ideas together and it just mind-blowing.

Also Zach Lieberman’s daily creative code project for his openFramworks is always very inspiring both by the projects and his artistic discipline.

For the self portrait assignment. I did…

Portrait at 5AM

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 11.58.57 AM.png

Portrait at 5AM is a self portrait of me trying to figure out my code for ICM class homework while looking for the hope to sleep. The pitfall that I hit and still couldn’t figure it out is when I try to do some small movements for the eyes to create the ‘eyes rolling in the back of the head effect’ using variable. I also try to make the eye rolling effect by changing the size of black eyes to get smaller and disappear with zeno paradox but the affect that I got was working too fast and quite hard to recognize. So, now I ended up with the effect that the black eyes will get smaller then disappear in time but it will slowly come back and get bigger until it cover all the portrait, turning it to be just a black screen - which is kinda weird but it look like I just turned off the light and go to sleep. :D