Soundwalk 9:09

Experiencing Soundwalk 9:09

Soundwalk 9:09 by John Luther Adams

Subconsciously trying to walk between the Met and the Met Breure in 9 minutes as suggested by the piece’s name at first, I felt pretty tense by the time frame and couldn't fully focus on the piece because I kept looking at my watch and the map. The pieces has many layers of sound that kind of asking me to slow myself down and truly listen to its tunes. So after the first walk downtown to the Met Breure, I set the ‘Uptown’ piece in loop and deliberately walk/stop as fast/slow as i wanted and ended up spending almost 20 minutes on the same route.

Both pieces(Uptown and Downtown) has a very dream-like tune which gave me very weird senses of time in the changing; like when daylight turns to moonlight or in reverse, even though I was experiencing it in midday. The complexity of sounds that layered over busy street ambience was slowed me down to stop and try to figure out which sound is real, what is this sound made of or actually come from.
Most importantly, the piece also gave me a new way to think about making a relaxing music from uncomfortable beats since it has one of the best construction tunes I have ever heard.

I choose to do Soundwalk 9:09 piece for this assignment since English is not my mother tongue and I think it might be easier to enjoy sound experience without having any language barrier. Though the piece’s barrier is even more open than I expected because it allows ambiences, surrounding tunes and each of the walking experiences to be part of the piece. For example; on my way back uptown, a group of food truck guys on the street was using their tong to make a loud hip-hop beat that completely changed the tune I was listening at the time.