The General,
The Supreme Patriarch
and The King


The General, The Supreme Patriarch and The King 

is the Life-sized paper installation reflects artist’s perspective on gender limitations and social inequalities in her society. The general, the supreme patriarch and the king are the main leader ofthe 3 institutions; Nation, Religious and Monarchy, which all Thais were though to worship and obey without question since first grade in elementary school. 

Being raised in conservative family and educated in all-girls royalist conservative school since first grade. Suphitcha attempted to highlight the question on role of gender and social inequity that has been taught to accept in her community. Using the concept of paper dolls, a common toy for girls born in 80s - same time period the artist was born, which little girls used to use as a tool to dream and think for her future self. Suphitcha emphasized expectations that woman have to take from her society also limitations and social inequity in Thailand.