Word Play

Sign Play : Exile / Exist
Sugarclub Art Space,
Elmhurst, New York

Exile/Exist reflects my moment of facing identity conflict as an artist and a “Good” Thai citizen. Since the Thai military junta launched the coup in May 2014, All Thais were prohibited from offering any of their opinions about the coup and the monarchy to the media.


Sign Play : Let’s bury it down 
In collaboration with Thanachart Siripatrachai for “Once Ubon(อุบล) a time”, 2013

Theravada Buddhism in Thailand was influenced by Hinduism and Chinese beliefs that reflects many of Thais in their ways of thinking and perceiving in very conservative prospects. Playing with the beauty ideals of Thai middle class people whom values very much of western modern designs, using western style illustrations as street signs to promote one of the most popular traditional Theravada Buddhist ceremony in Thailand’s countryside; Burying the sacred rock for new temple building as merit making,